Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Choose the Best Styling Tools

Choosing good hair tools is very important, it’s a good investment, and usually the good tools if used properly won’t damage your hair and you can achieve the best results.

I am not a big fan of using a hair dryer on a very wet hair (I only do that if I am in a hurry). I usually wash my hair, deep conditioning once or twice a week (summertime is twice a week) and let it air dry for a while until it’s still humid but not completely dry.
I chose Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic, it dries fast, smooth. It’s pricey but really good. The alternative less pricey approach is buying the Conair Infinity Tourmaline ceramic Ionic, which is a great hair dryer too.
I part my hair into sections, clip each one and with the help of a good brush (if you can not afford a Mason Pearson) buy another boar bristle brush.
 Boar bristles are known for their gentleness, while the synethic bristles wound into the brush help dry hair faster.
I use Spornette brushes Spornette Italian Boar Bristle Brush, 3-Inch Diameter because they offer a smooth blowout without tugging at the scalp and after the blow out I wrap my hair and wear a silk cap for a while.
Then I brush my hair with with a good paddle brush with natural boar bristles. ? I suggest buying a Denman's Medium Cushion Brush with Natural Boar Bristles. This brush has good quality and it’s affordable ($18-$25). This one works well on all hair types and lenghs and hair stylist do like them too. You won’t compromise quality and you still affordable.

 If you can actually spend more I suggest buying a Mason Pearson, they are pricey( I was lucky to find a beauty supply that was going out of business and had just one left for a reasonable price and I did not think twice).

The next step for me is using my flat iron. I have been through a couple of cheap and expensive brands and so far the best one for me is Sedu Revolution 1 Inch plate( professional nano tourmaline ionic styling iron). I bought mine at Ulta, but you can also find it at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, it costs $159.95 at Ulta and I used a 20% discount coupon.
Ulta always have coupons( go to their website and search for one), the beauty of buying products at Ulta is that even after using it you can return any product( skin, hair, tools with a receipt for a full refund). Find one close to you, I have found mine.  I bought the REVOLUTION PROFESSIONAL NANO TOURMALINE IONIC STYLING IRON 1 INCH PLATE. Why do I love Sedu so much?

1-It can reach temp up to 450 F, adjustable heating sets allow for perfect temperature control for taming all hair types.( I have thick hair and it works great!!!!)
2- It glides through my hair without snagging or pulling  my hair or breaking it.
3-2 year warranty no questions asked ( who gives that much warranty unless they know their product is high quality)
4- The hair looks, smooth, shiny and silky.
5-The style last longer.

Curling Iron-
I don'y curl my hair often but when I do, it comes to curling irons, I have experience.

Infiniti by Conair® 1-1/2" Curling Iron is perfect for a budget. Will not break or snag at hair, heats up quickly and gives you perfect curls.

A more pricier option is the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron. Believe me when I say that it is a price worth paying. It leaves a smooth, sily finish to hair and the curls last long.

The Recap and my sugestions:

1-Choose a good brush-  Spornette Italian boar bristle brush,3- inch diameter( For blow outs) Denman’s Medium Brush with natural Boar bristles paddle brush- (for detangling and brush)
2- Hair dryer- Conair Infinity Tourmaline ceramic Ionic( more affordable) or Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic hair dryer.

-Flat Iron- SEDU REVOLUTION PROFESSIONAL NANO TOURMALINE IONIC STYLING IRON 1 INCH PLATE. I would not recommend another one or a comparable alternative because I am a firm believer that you should invest on the best  one if you want to avoid hair damages and get the best job.

Seddu Revolution Ionic Styling Iron
4-Curling Iron- Pearl Ceramic Remington 1, for great salon finish. I have not ried the Sedu curling iron yet but by judging by the performance of their flat iron and hair dryer I would think it should be a good product too. I will try one and I let you know later on.

Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 
Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron (25 mm) Clipless Curling Iron

Infiniti by Conair Curling Iron


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