Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Acessories for the Summer

 New Trend: Floral Headbands
Floral headbands are perfect to top off a simple beachy summer look and it is appropriate from all ages. The two pictures on either side are headbands from but similar ones can abe purchased at any Claires, Wal-Mart, or Target.

ASOS Floppy Felt Hat
New Trend: Oversized Hats
Big floppy or straw hats can pull a simple outfit together and give it a refined and classy feel. Plus they are perfect to help protect yourself from those harsh summer UV rays! Practicallity and beauty are combined. Oversized hats are even perfect for a day out on the beach, just make sure it's not windy outside!

ASOS Straw Hat
ASOS Floppy Hat


Tara said...

The hats are a great way to acessorize your look. They are just beautiful!!! After seeing them I really have to get one for me.Love the headbands too,I like the way the models wear them. Great tip!!! Keep them coming.

livebreatheglamour said...

I am completely obsessed with hats!They really add some "pizzaz" to a simple look!