Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Trend: Statement Rings for less

Big rings can add some spunk to your summer waardrobe and they are affordable too! Teal and peach tones are the perfect  color for statement rings.

H&M ring- $5.95
This statement ring from H&M is affordable and classy! I bought it a few days ago!

Nordstrom ring- $595

 This statement ring from Nordstrom is similar but it is nearly affordable as the H&M ring! It costs exactly 100 times more than the H&M ring.

Skincare for Teens

While a lot of adults worry about wrinkles, teens have a different problem that they face. This is acne. They have to worry about keeping clean and free from dirt of oils which can clog pores.

Recommended Brand: Clean & Clear- Clean and Clear is gentle and is made for teens and does not contain harsh or damaging chemicals.

Skincare Regime for Teens

Step 1: Cleanser- Foaming Cleansers are useful in getting rid of dirt and oil. They should be used twice a day (Morning and Night). One ingredient that is important for cleansers to have is salcylic acid, which helps acne/pimple treatment.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser at around $6

Step 2: Exfoliating Scrub- When exfoliating, dead skin cells are being scrubbed off and new skin cells are forming. Buy a gritty scrub but be EXTREMELY gentle and careful, or else you can damage your skin. You don't have to use a scrub every day but about 3 times a week is fine.

Clean & Clear
Sensitive Skin
Step 3: Toner/Astringent -Let your skin AIR DRY. Once it is dry, apply toner to a cotton pad. A toner gets rid of dirt and oil deep down into the pores. A toner should be used in the morning and at night AFTER you wash your face.

Clean & Clear
Morning Glow Moisturizer with
SPF 15

Step 4: Lotion- Let the toner AIR DRY on your skin then apply lotion. In the morning it is important to use a lotion with SPF 15 or higher because you are exposed to UV rays even on a cloudy day.

Clean&Clear Acne Spot Treatment
with salcylic acid
 Step 5: 
 Spot Treatment-
Let your lotion air dry and apply
a spot treatment to any blemish or pimple ypu may have and make sure it contains salyclic acid.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Teen Fashion Advice- Summer

Forever 21: This store is perfect for teens and adults. It has cheap, youthful and classy clothes, here are a few of my pics:

Sunshine Flora Romper- $11.99

This beautiful floral romper is so adorable and perfect for everyday use. Top it off with some nice sandals and you will be ready to head out!
Floral Chiffon Sweetheart Dress- $19.80

This floral dress is fun, flirty, feminie and you can dress it up or dress it down!
Floral Chiffon Sweetheart Dress-$22.80 at Forever 21

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fashion for Teens

Beautiful floral dress from Hollister, only 19.75
It's summertime! Schools out, but fashion is always win. Not only do you have to stay cool, but you have to look cool too! In the summer you want to dress casually and comfortably but still add a girly touch.

First pick: Hollister
Hollister is afordable and always offers differnt sales and promotions year round. Go to or check to see if there is one near you!

I especially love their summer dresses and skirts the florals are very young and perfect to express your teen's colorful personality.

Simple tank top $7.75  that can be paired with a beautiful floral skirt, comes in various colors
One of the floral skirts from Hollister that I was talking about

Another Hollister floral dress

Cute Trends:
Denim Shorts- Denim shorts are a great investment and must have for summer wardrobe. Denim shorts will match with any top perfectly. Plain shorts can be paired with a patterned or embroidered top.

White denim shorts from Hollister

Dark wash denim shorts from Hollister

A beautiful blouse is a perfect touch!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Macy's Summer Sale

Hurry up! Thus sale ends tomorrow! If you are looking for a father's day gift, you have found the perfect place. You are bound to find somehting classic for your hubby's wardrobe. All orders taken by June 15th get FREE  Father's Day delivery!

Get FREE shipping and 20% off when you use the promo code SUMMER
Get and extra 10 or 15% off select departments!

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Yay ladies! Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale starts today!
Find discounts on:
25-40% off on bras
25-40% iff on panty sales and specials
Panties 3.99 and up
Bras 14.99 and up
35-50% 350+ selected swim styles
25-65% off 700+ selected clothing styles
40% off on shoes
Orders over $100 get free shipping with promo code: SHIPVS11

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Acessories for the Summer

 New Trend: Floral Headbands
Floral headbands are perfect to top off a simple beachy summer look and it is appropriate from all ages. The two pictures on either side are headbands from but similar ones can abe purchased at any Claires, Wal-Mart, or Target.

ASOS Floppy Felt Hat
New Trend: Oversized Hats
Big floppy or straw hats can pull a simple outfit together and give it a refined and classy feel. Plus they are perfect to help protect yourself from those harsh summer UV rays! Practicallity and beauty are combined. Oversized hats are even perfect for a day out on the beach, just make sure it's not windy outside!

ASOS Straw Hat
ASOS Floppy Hat